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Can an IV drip really help with a heavy weekend?

Updated: May 9, 2019

As the celeb trend for revitalising intravenous treatments arrives at Altea Medical Centre we take a look at one clients experiences.

You know you can't party like you used to when you find yourself attached to an IV drip the morning after the night before.

Watching a litre of vitamin-laced liquid slowly trickle into my vein in Altea Medical Centre earlier this week, that's the lesson I learned, anyway.

Three years after being made famous by Rihanna, the so-called 'party girl drip' has just arrived to these shores. And after three consecutive nights on the tiles in Benidorm, the latest in A-list recovery couldn't come soon enough for me.

Now I'm not exactly a Good Girl Gone Bad like Ri-Ri, but tottering up to Altea Medical last Monday morning, there's no denying I was definitely suffering some of the classic symptoms of veisalgia - or a hangover, as it's more commonly known - having spent the weekend over indulging on naughty food and copious amounts of gin, wine and cocktails, sitting in the sun with not near enough water or rest. The treatment promises to cure headaches, tiredness and nausea in minutes, as well as replenish skin, hair and nails, all with zero calories. The health boosting properties full of essential vitamins, nutrients, individual personal therapies, promise to put that “spring back in your step” once you receive your personal infusion

It's little wonder that the intravenous vitamin drip has replaced bacon butties and Bloody Marys as the Hollywood hangover cure of choice.

"We only started a few months ago and loads of clients have already had it done," says Barry White, Managing Director of the clinic. "Everybody who sees it enquires about it, and everybody who has it is absolutely thrilled "

There are four types of treatment to choose from:

Hydo Vitalitas Blue has been developed with sports people in mind, with its isotonic properties together with glucosaline, electrolytes and high dose Vitamin C with Bepanthene precursor for Coenzyme A, to aid cell rejuvenation and repair, allowing the client to continue with a sports training schedule or just get back into a busy life routine.

Hydro Vitalitas Bronze – for those who perhaps have had too much sun, not enough water and possibly one alcoholic beverage too many. The Bronze will cleanse, detoxify and refresh the kidneys and liver whilst rehydrating and restabilising the entire system. 1000mls of Sodium Chloride plus our special combination of natural salts, electrolytes and several water soluble vitamins are some of the ingredients.

Hydro Vitalitas Silver –  For those feeling generally run down and tired, lethargic and sluggish, this Therapy is the stress buster of our IV treatments which will be calming whilst regenerating and will rejuvenate the system whilst flushing through and cleansing all the internal organs to detoxify the whole system. A special combination or natural amino acids together with vitamins which help to rebuild tired cells is slowly released into the vascular system.

Burning the candle at both ends, and feeling completley burnt out after a stressful few weeks at work beforehand, I plump for the most popular and 'Hydro Vitalitas Gold' – The premier infusion Therapy. This was developed to repair and aid the recovery of tired organs. This Therapy enhances and combines all three other products and is used in conjunction with other medication to treat a whole range of conditions, such as; Allergies – Immunoglobulins/antihistamine, Immune deficient – Immunoglobulins, IBS – Anti spasmodic and anti-inflammatory problems. Migraine, Anaemia – Flu like illness, weight loss, post-operative procedures. – Even Mosquito bites can be treated with a blend of antihistamine and if necessary antibiotics.

Maybe it was the stunning views over Mascarat but as the golden liquid drizzled down a clear tube and straight into my blood stream over the course of about an hour, there's no doubt that I began to feel like a new woman. It was incredible!

Two hours after entering the clinic with a dull head and heavy limbs, I left with a spring in my step - and a tell-tale plaster on my arm, my heavy weekend was a distant memory. Not only did I feel like i'd been asleep for a week, I also noticed that my skin felt softer and looked radient. My hair looked shinier and generally I felt happy and completely refreshed. My aches and pains (I suffer with neck and back pain being at a computer all day) had gone and I genuinely felt incredible.

Although there's no fear of overdoing it on the drip, which contains only water-soluble vitamins the Doctor did warn against using it to sustain a party lifestyle.

"I don't recommend that, he insists. "The fact that it does very quickly alleviate the symptoms of a hangover - dehydration, headache, nausea, tiredness - isn't to say that we would want to promote alcohol abuse. If anything, the opposite."

Prevention may be better than cure, but as I spring out of bed the next morning after a sound night's sleep, with just a small bruise to show for my experience and feeling 10 years younger it was very tempting to start organising my next weekend away with the girls knowing that this fantastic treatment exists... Sorry Doc!