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Do you, or do you know someone that may need a helping hand in the heat?

The hot Summer months can sometimes mean things around the home become more of a challenge.Having a carer come to visit you in your home can make a huge difference to your life, especially if you have difficulty walking or getting around. It can help you stay living independently in your own home.

This type of care is known as homecare or domiciliary care or sometimes home help.

Help at home from a paid carer from Altea Medical centre costs € 30 an hour for the first hour and € 20 for every hour thereafter.

Homecare is very flexible. You might need a carer for only an hour a week or for several hours a day. You might need a live-in carer. It can be temporary – for example for a few weeks while you recover from an illness. Or it can be long term.

When should I consider help at home from a paid carer?

You might want to consider care at home if:

you're finding it difficult to cope with daily routines, such as washing, dressing and getting out and aboutyou don't want to move into a care home you can still get about your home and it's safe for you to live in

How can homecare help me?

A carer can visit you at home to help you with all kinds of things including:

getting out of bed in the morning, washing and dressing, brushing your hair, using the toilet preparing meals and drinks, remembering to take your medicines, doing your shopping, collecting prescriptions or your pension, getting out, for example to a lunch club or getting settled in the evening and ready for bed

Home help

This is slightly different to homecare and means day-to-day domestic tasks that you may need a helping hand with such as:cleaning (including putting on clean bed sheets)doing the washing updoing the laundry or gardening

Whatever your requirement and for how little or long we have qualified, professional, loyal and caring people on hand to help.

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